Sen. Frantz: $10 M toll study bond is continuation of Gov. Malloy’s tax and spend policies

July 25, 2018

Today ,State Senator and member of the state Bonding Commission, L. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich), released the following statement regarding the state Bond Commission’s approval of a $10 million bond authorization to study tolling in Connecticut.

“Today was nothing more than a continuation of Governor Malloy’s tax and spend policies that have crippled our state’s finances for the past 8 years,” said Sen. L. Scott Frantz. “The legislature spoke loud and clear that there was no appetite for tolling and placing another tax on hard-working businesses and families across the state. While it is possible that some out-of-state revenue could be raised through electronic tolling, the governor completely ignores the fact that the rest of the burden will fall onto Connecticut residents – residents who are just trying to get to work to support their families and run their businesses. Republicans continue to offer a plan called Prioritize Progress which provides a long-term solution to improve Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure. It is clearly time for a new administration that is focused on reducing spending and taxes instead of focused on increasing burdens on taxpayers.”

Senator Frantz voted against the $10 million bond allocation for a tolling study and voiced his strong opposition to the governor’s executive order.