Scams-Don’t be a victim

July 25, 2018

Please see the message below from the Stafford Police Department.

The Stafford Police Department is warning citizens of Stafford of several phone scams that are targeting citizens of Stafford.

If you receive a call from someone stating they are from the IRS and asks you to send money or gift cards, this is a scam!


The Stafford Police Department is currently investigating phone scams of victims that reside in the town of Stafford. The scam is someone acting as a family member who is in trouble and needs money. At no time will any judicial system in any state ask for any type of gift card for court set bonds. Prior to sending any money via Western Union to anyone in regards to a family member, please contact that family member to verify the information you received on the telephone call. In most circumstances those telephone calls are scams. If you’re still not sure contact the Stafford Police Department and they will assist you in determining if it is a scam.

Please contact the Stafford Police Department at 860-684-3777 or the First Selectman’s Office at 860-684-1777 with any questions.