Partisan Politics Prevail in Hartford as Malloy Followers Fall in Line

July 2, 2018

By: State Senator L. Scott Frantz

Earlier this week the General Assembly convened to override vetoes made by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Multiple bills that were reconsidered originally sailed through both the House and Senate with strong bipartisan support. It is very disappointing that majority party lawmakers refused to stand up to one of the least popular governors in the entire country, ultimately showing their deep roots and association with the administration’s failed job killing economic policies, and a tax and spend agenda.

One of the bills that did not receive a veto override was Senate Bill 261, An Act Extending the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Tax Credit to Pass-Through Entities. This legislation was the result of bipartisan efforts to help grow businesses and create jobs for families by extending the manufacturing apprenticeship tax credit to the personal income tax, thus allowing owners and partners of pass-through entities to claim it against that tax. The tax credit would have helped boost investment in manufacturing and job training through a short term investment. Taxes are not the only way to fix our fiscal challenges, and it is unacceptable that majority party members continue to jeopardize job and economic growth, and further damage an already disastrous state balance sheet.

Another bill that the majority party failed to help override was House Bill 5171, this bill addressed the governor’s ability to make reductions to Education Cost Sharing Grants during the fiscal year. These mid-year cuts hurt our towns, teachers and our students. The legislation would have created stability for our local schools – beyond the current two year budget. Failure to pass this bipartisan legislation shows a lack of understanding of how state politics impact local government and ultimately every-day, Connecticut residents.

Despite agreements made by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle concerning the Hartford bailout agreement made by Malloy which went beyond legislative intent, the majority party failed to prove to taxpayers that they should come first. Senate Bill 258 would have established a balance between financial oversight and support for Hartford to avoid bankruptcy while also being responsible with your money.

Failing to support the extension of the manufacturing apprenticeship tax credit, failing to help our towns and local schools, and failing to be responsible with taxpayer dollars is unacceptable and calls into question every majority party member who ignored the will of the people and the legislature and fell into line with Governor Malloy.

Taxpayers deserve lawmakers who will stand up for their families, businesses and local communities; lawmakers who are responsible with taxpayer dollars – not those who will cower to political pressure.