Maybe this email will get Gov. Malloy’s attention?

July 31, 2018

Outgoing Gov. Dan. Malloy wants to spend $10 million of YOUR money to study tolls.

I received the following email response from successful business owner who employs nearly 400 people in Connecticut:
“I have 55 trucks on the road every day and 25 salespeople as well.  Tolls would cost me $200,000 a year or more. This is (yet another) attack on my business.  One day this producer is going to pick up his marbles and leave.”

Gov. Malloy refers to toll opponents as “Know-Nothings“, but the “Know-Nothings” know a lot more than he gives them credit for.

Some of those “Know-Nothings”, like that business owner, are job creators.

Send me YOUR “Know-Nothing” questions and observations at [email protected] .

Include your name and town.

I am listening.

I will make sure the governor sees them.

It is an honor to represent “Know-Nothing” taxpayers like you.