Dan Malloy is at it Again

July 23, 2018


Dan Malloy is at it again. After millions of dollars and years of studies, he wants to borrow another $10 million to study the issue of tolls in Connecticut. Tell him we’ve had enough!

Please contact the members of the State Bond Commission listed below. Tell them to vote no on $10 million for a toll study!

Governor Malloy
(860) 566-4840
Benjamin Barnes, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management
(860-418-6500), Ben.Barnes@ct.gov

Melody A. Currey, Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services
(860) 713-5100, Melody.Currey@ct.gov

Denise L. Nappier, State Treasurer

Kevin P. Lembo, State Comptroller
(860) 702-3301, Comptroller.Lembo@ct.gov

George C. Jepsen, Attorney General
(860) 808-5318, attorney.general@ct.gov

Senate Democrats
(860) 240-8600,

House Democrats
(860) 240-8500,