An Update for All You “Know-Nothings” Who Oppose CT Tolls

July 26, 2018

I’ve successfully lead opposition to tolls since I was first elected to the Senate. I know that tolls are bad for our state, bad for our economy, and an unnecessary burden on overtaxed Connecticut residents.

Because of this, I am disappointed to inform you that outgoing Gov. Malloy succeeded in borrowing $10 Million of your money to study Connecticut tolls.

Governor Malloy is ignoring taxpayers and a Legislature that remain overwhelmingly opposed to tolls.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Malloy displayed unbelievable arrogance as he put that $10 Million on our state credit card. He said the following about people who oppose tolls in our state:

I worry that some in modern-day Connecticut are subscribing to their own Know-Nothing philosophy.”

“Know-Nothing philosophy”?

How does that reference make you feel?

To all the “Know-Nothing” taxpayers that I am proud to represent:

I want to thank you for all you did in the past week.

You got active.

You made phone calls and sent emails.

Your voices were heard

….they just weren’t heard by enough members of the State Bond Commission

and they certainly were not heard by outgoing Governor Malloy.

  • Send me your comments today at [email protected]
  • Include your name and town
  • I will continue to forward your comments to the governor

It is an honor to represent and fight for “Know-Nothing” taxpayers like you.