Statement on NAACP Lawsuit and Silence on Inmate Medical Care

June 28, 2018

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement after learning of the NAACP’s lawsuit against Connecticut regarding the counting of inmates in legislative districts.

“It’s surprising to me that the NAACP has focused so heavily on politics in Connecticut, yet the organization has been silent on a major issue and injustice here in our state that has gone overlooked for far too long. While the civil rights organization today is targeting Connecticut for a campaign against how the state counts inmates in crafting legislative districts, they have never once commented on how those inmates were grossly and inhumanely treated in prison under UConn Health’s Correctional Managed Healthcare Unit.

“Under the current administration there has been a substantiated pattern of medical neglect that has allegedly led to serious injury and death of inmates. We’ve heard heartbreaking and shocking stories of individuals whose medical needs in prison have been neglected to the point where illness turned deadly. They have suffered through inhumane conditions. Yet the NAACP has been completely silent not only as to the findings of inhumane treatment but also to this administration’s attempt to hide a report investigating 25 of these cases including 8 deaths. Despite the fact that the Attorney General issued an opinion saying the audit must be shared with state auditors, I don’t believe it has been. Republican lawmakers are continuing to pursue a public hearing on this issue and demand transparency especially as the system now is being transitioned to the DOC. I hope the NAACP will demonstrate as much care for inmates’ health care services as they do in their involvement in pure politics. People should matter more than politics.”