Lawmakers Applaud Wallingford’s Efforts to Promote STEM Careers

June 4, 2018


State lawmakers recognized the town of Wallingford and the Wallingford Public School District for launching a new campaign to boost interest in fields related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at a kickoff event on Thursday, May 31.

State Senator Len Fasano and State Representative Craig Fishbein (pictured), alongside State Representative Liz Linehan, presented a citation on behalf of the entire Wallingford delegation to the town and school district at Wallingford’s “STEM Town” campaign kickoff at HUBCAP Wallingford.

At the kickoff event, Mayor William W. Dickinson Jr. signed a proclamation announcing the town’s commitment to give students more opportunities in STEM related career paths and to raise awareness about the need to grow the workforce for the state’s manufacturing industry which is facing a shortage of workers with the needed skill sets to fill open positions.

“Manufacturing jobs in Connecticut are the careers of the future,” said Sen. Fasano. “They require a high level of skill, precision and technological knowledge. Kids nowadays are naturally drawn to computers and new technology. Many do not realize manufacturing in today’s world embraces those skills and the industry is in need of new workers who are ready to apply their computer skills in a whole new way. Wallingford has done an incredible job partnering with local businesses to show our students a multitude of paths to future careers. This campaign is another step towards showing our children what opportunities are available for them to be successful right here in Connecticut.”

“Supporting our students with smart investments in the STEM fields will prepare them for the future and make both Wallingford and Connecticut stronger,” Rep. Fishbein said. “I’m pleased Superintendent Menzo and the Wallingford School District are providing these opportunities and I’m confident our youth will excel in these in-demand fields.  Manufacturers across the state have said they are struggling to find qualified employees because many applicants lack the specific skills taught in these very programs. By putting the focus on STEM education, our schools are saving the essence of manufacturing.”

The citation was introduced by Senator Len Fasano and Representatives Vincent Candelora, Craig Fishbein, Mary Mushinsky and Liz Linehan.