Fasano Statement re: Governor’s Veto of ECS Bill and Refusal to Sign Bill to Help Pregnant Women

June 2, 2018

HARTFORD – Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement following Governor Malloy’s veto of a bill that prohibits governors from cutting Education Cost Sharing grants to cities and towns during the middle of the year.

“Today the governor decided to veto an important, bipartisan bill that gives all our towns and cities and local property taxpayers the stability and predictability they deserve. It is not about helping some towns and not others, as the ever divisive governor is claiming. It is a bill that will help all towns and cities, all schools and children and all taxpayers who are hurt by mid year budget cuts issued unilaterally by a governor. It’s a bill that was needed as a direct result of Gov. Malloy’s own bully tactics that devastated towns and cities and spread fear through our communities. Legislative leaders need to come together to override this veto.”

Sen. Fasano also commented on the governor’s failure to sign a bill that makes pregnancy a qualifying life event to allow pregnant women to obtain health insurance.

“By not signing this bill Gov. Malloy proves he is nothing more than a partisan political behemoth. Governor Malloy would rather deny pregnant women and their unborn children the right to basic human decency and access to needed healthcare than sign a bill that Republicans championed with bipartisan support. The governor has reached a new low by putting divisive politics before women’s rights. He is a hypocrite. For someone who claims he is a champion for women his flat out refusal to sign a common sense bill to help pregnant women access prenatal care shows his true colors. This bill helps women and their babies who are vulnerable to risky pregnancies and complications throughout their entire lives because they have to wait until their babies are born before they can obtain health insurance. It’s not right. This bill makes Connecticut a leader in women’s health care. It takes bold action to help women where Governor Malloy is more concerned with playing politics.”