Statement by Senator Toni Boucher on the Defeat of Tolls for the 2018 Legislative Session

May 2, 2018

I’m so excited to follow up on my e-blast message to you earlier today to let you know that you did it! I want to thank all of the commuters and taxpayers who attended events, called their legislators, and forced advocates to listen when you said “No” to tolls. Because of you, none of the bills to establish tolls in the state of Connecticut will be called for a vote this session.

Toll backers recognized that you will not be fooled by semantics. Call it a toll. Call it a user fee. We all know what it really is. It is a tax, and you are taxed too much already. Their proposals would have cost commuters hundreds of dollars a month; thousands of dollars each year. So, you said no more! Thanks to you, tolls have been defeated and we can declare victory! Thank you!