Sen. Somers Applauds Passage of Pro-Energy Legislation

May 15, 2018

HARTFORD, Conn.State Senator Heather Somers (R-Groton), released the following statement regarding the enactment of Senate Bill 9, An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Energy Future– which specifically locks in a long-term purchase of Plainfield Renewable Energy’s remaining electric output.

The legislation further secures the jobs, local economic activity and property tax revenues associated with Connecticut’s only clean, renewable biomass plant.

“I am pleased the energy bill included a provision for the state to purchase the remaining, uncontracted energy produced by Plainfield Renewable Energy. Plainfield Renewable Energy is a key component of the state’s renewable energy mix,” said Sen. Somers. “The plant also provides needed capacity to manage approximately 75 percent of waste wood generated by the state. As a result, the facility is not only a renewable energy asset, but also a critical component of Connecticut’s waste infrastructure. I was happy to cast my vote in favor of this legislation.”

“Plainfield Renewable Energy is grateful to Senator Somers for her attention to our concerns and tireless advocacy, which resulted in the plant’s inclusion in this year’s omnibus energy bill,” said Charles Abbott, President and CEO of Greenleaf Power, Owner and Operator of Plainfield Renewable Energy. “The bill will allow Plainfield to have a stable, predictable revenue stream for the next ten years. Secure revenue helps us retain a skilled workforce, which is critical to the operation of an advanced technology plant like Plainfield.

Plainfield Renewable Energy is a biomass gasification plant that began operations in 2013. The plant uses the best available emissions control technology. The plant produces 38 megawatts of renewable electric energy using sustainable biomass – reprocessed waste wood and virgin wood waste – as fuel, while providing significant economic benefits to the region. There are an estimated 150 indirect jobs from trucking and waste processing fuel and 30 full-time skilled jobs at the plant.