Good news!

May 7, 2018


Good news!

My proposal to reform Gov. Malloy’s failed early prison release program for violent felons has PASSED in the CT Senate with bipartisan support!

My reforms would add four violent crimes to the list of crimes that are not eligible for participation in Malloy’s failed early prison release program.

The crimes include:

  1. first degree rape, sex with a victim under age 13 or a mentally incapacitated person or gang rape
  2. first degree assault of an elderly, disabled or blind person
  3. first degree assault of a pregnant woman resulting in the death of her baby
  4. first degree assault using a deadly weapon.

I will now keep pressing in the House of Representative for these reforms.

I appreciate the support I have received from Republicans and Democrats in this ongoing effort to make our streets and communities safer.

Finally, I thank YOU, the taxpayers, for being so vocal on this issue and for your support of victims of violent crime.

This would not have happened without your help!

Please: Call your State Representative between now and Wednesday.

Urge them to Support Suzio’s Early Prison Release Reforms!

The reforms are contained in Bill 520.

Let’s get this bill to Gov. Malloy’s desk!