2018 End of Session Recap

May 15, 2018

The 2018 Legislative Session has come to a close and it was a busy session for many at the Capitol. The General Assembly was able to pass a bipartisan budget, approve pro-business legislation and avoid the implementation of tolls.

Bipartisan Budget

This budget focuses on predictability and stability for businesses and families across the state. It fully funds the Special Transportation Fund and also enacted Prioritize Progress – a Republican proposal which provides for a long-term transportation funding plan. This pro-growth budget also includes a decrease in certain sales taxes and also fully restores the Medicare Savings Program. This budget puts Connecticut on a more predictable path and as Co-Chair of the Finance Committee, I was happy to be part of creating this budget and ushering it through the legislative process.

Pro-Business Outlook

Along with the bipartisan budget, which will help businesses throughout Connecticut, I also voted in favor of many pro-business bills. Including a bill that I introduced that creates a Blockchain working group, which now heads to the governor’s desk for his signature. Creating a Blockchain working group will help Connecticut to be at the forefront of an emerging technology and will help grow businesses in our state.

No Tolls

I have long been a staunch advocate against the installation of tolls. At the end of the day tolls are just another tax on an already overburdened constituency. The fact that tolls were not even brought up for a vote continues to show the lack of support for this tax, and continues to show the impact and importance of active Connecticut residents like you.

As always if you have any questions or concerns – please contact me at 800-842-1421.