Senator Joe Markley Stands Against Assisted Suicide in CT

March 20, 2018

Second thoughts 2

Today, State Senator Joe Markey (R-Southington) stood with physicians and disability advocates with Second Thoughts CT at a press conference to oppose H.B. 5417. The bill would legalize physician assisted suicide in Connecticut.

“Every time this bill comes up, I find myself more convinced it is the wrong direction for Connecticut,” said Senator Markley. “My greatest fear is that people who are disabled or terminally ill will be pressured by family or insurance companies to take their own lives. Life is precious, and the laws in the state of Connecticut should continue to acknowledge that.”

Along with Senator Markley, two physicians and disability advocates warned Connecticut residents about the dangers of passing physician assisted suicide.Second Thoughts 1

Photo 1: Senator Markley addresses the media on March 20th as part of a press conference put on by Second thoughts CT opposing H.B. 5417, which would physician assisted suicide in the state.

Photo 2: Senator Markley (center) smiles with Sen. Mike McLachlan of Danbury (left) and Dr. T. Brian Callister of Nevada (right) at a press conference opposing physician assisted suicide. Dr. Callister is a practicing physician who has referred patients for care in states like Oregon and California, where physician assisted suicide is legal, and had said care rejected by insurance companies who suggested his patients die rather than undergo expensive curative procedures.