Sen. Markley Applauds the Death of Assisted Suicide for this Year

March 27, 2018

Hartford—State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington), a member of the Public Health Committee, applauded the demise of H.B. 5417—the bill which would have legalized assisted suicide in Connecticut.

“I am pleased assisted suicide has been defeated again in Connecticut,” said Senator Markley. “Dangerous may be the most shopworn adjective in politics, but when it comes to assisted suicide the term applies. If Connecticut were to legalize the practice of doctors killing their patients, the slide to greater horrors would begin. In particular, I fear the day when the disabled or terminally ill are pressured to end their lives.”

H.B. 5417 died in the Public Health Committee without a vote on Monday March 26th. The bill may still be called as an amendment on another Public Health bill that comes to the floor for a vote; however, that is extremely unlikely.