“More taxes? He is out of his mind!”

March 6, 2018

More taxes? He is out of his mind!”

This was a recent email I received from a CT taxpayer in response to my recent email update on Gov. Dan Malloy’s proposed tax hikes.

Gov. Malloy has proposed taxes on:

  • Nonprescription drugs and medicines.
  • Tires
  • Gasoline
  • Property taxpayers
  • Wine and liquor bottles
  • Fruit, tea, sports, and energy drinks
  • Businesses
  • Real estate conveyances.

Have you spoken out yet?

  • Send a brief email today to [email protected] saying “NO” to Senate Bill #10
  • Reference “Senate Bill 10” in the subject line
  • Include your name and town
  • Copy me at [email protected]
  • Share this information with fed up taxpayers


The bill can be read here: