Hamden resident speaks out for coverage for prosthetic devices

March 8, 2018

LoganNewCropLogan 2018-03-08 Insurance Committee Testimony (3 of 8)

Today, I was proud to join with Connecticut Amputee Network Co-founder and Hamden resident Herb Kolodny to testify before the Insurance and Real Estate Committee in support of An Act Concerning Health Insurance Coverage for Prosthetic Devices.

The bill – Bill 376 – would provide insurance coverage for prosthetic devices that is at least equivalent to that provided under Medicare.

Herb frequently attends my coffee hour events, and I thank him for his advocacy on this important issue.

Here’s how you can join us in support of Bill 376:

Read the bill here:  www.cga.ct.gov/2018/TOB/s/2018SB-00376-R00-SB.htm

On the web:  www.ctamputeenetwork.org