Fasano: Bullying, Political Intimidation of Lawmakers to Garner Support for Justice McDonald is Out of Control

March 9, 2018

HARTFORD – Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding an article that appeared in the Hartford Courant today [Strained Relationship Didn’t Stop Sen. Gayle Slossberg From Previous Support Of Andrew McDonald, 3/9/18]

“The bullying and intimidation tactics used in an attempt to garner support for Justice Andrew McDonald’s nomination to be Chief Justice have gotten out of control. Not only are Republicans being targeted by big money ad campaigns, but now a Democrat lawmaker is being attacked in a way that is a disgrace to the institutions of our state legislature and the judicial nominations process. The attacks from prominent Democrats show an alarming level of politicization of a process that deserves more respect than the political circus they have turned it into.

“Because of no other reason but politics, Senator Beth Bye, Senator Martin Looney and Representative William Tong are throwing Senator Gayle Slossberg under the bus. Sen. Bye, someone who has stood up for women’s rights and the importance of listening to victims, is trying to discredit Sen. Slossberg’s sworn affidavit detailing a personal attack on her by Justice McDonald. Sen. Looney, someone who has said this process shouldn’t be partisan, is questioning the decision of one of his caucus members purely for politics. And Rep. Tong is echoing the alarming attack with a senseless claim that “nothing has changed” since Justice McDonald first became a judge when the reality is Justice McDonald’s rejection of requests to withdraw from the 2014 Slossberg case occurred after Sen. Slossberg voted in favor of him becoming justice. That decision by Justice McDonald has amplified many people’s concerns about his partiality especially that we are now considering him for a completely new role to lead the entire judicial branch.  Shame on Sen. Looney, Sen. Bye and Rep. Tong for attacking the integrity of a sitting senator who should be applauded for recusing herself when Justice McDonald refused to do so. And shame on the paper and the reporter who have given these intimidation tactics a stage and a spotlight when the real issue here is the methodology of Justice McDonald’s decisions that needs to be examined, understood and fully vetted before anyone can determine how they are going to vote.”