CT “Asian Registry” mandate = invasion of privacy

March 5, 2018


Lin Yang, a Chinese-American from Woodbridge, CT, makes an excellent point:

CT government should not mandate that Asian-American students register their ancestral nation of origin or ethnic background.

It’s an invasion of privacy.

It’s a misuse of CT taxpayer dollars.

And as Lin noted, “I think it’s a very tough question for kids. Because my son and daughter were born here, there is never a second thought that Americais not their homeland.”

With this in mind, I hope you will join Lin and me in supporting a common sense measure to prohibit CT public schools from collecting this so-called “Asian Registry” information from students.

  1. Send a brief email to [email protected] saying “YES” to Bill 359.
  2. Reference Bill 359 in the subject line
  3. Copy me at [email protected] / include your name and town
  4. Attend the Thursday, Mar. 8 public hearing at 11 a.m. in Room 1A of the Legislative Office Building.
  5. Share this information with friends.

 The bill can be read here:  www.cga.ct.gov/2018/TOB/s/pdf/2018SB-00359-R00-SB.pdf

 Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you!