Why do extremely violent CT prisoners get early release?

February 5, 2018

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(AP) — A state lawmaker says he’ll try again to reform a program that allows inmates who behave well to get out of prison early.

Republican Sen. Len Suzio, of Meriden, says he’ll discuss ways to reform the Risk Reduction Earned Credit Program Monday.

Last year, Suzio sought to exempt anyone from the program who was convicted of a violent or sexual offense.

He says he’s reintroducing legislation.

The state legislature created the program in 2011 to promote good behavior among offenders.

It was updated in 2016 to incentivize offenders to progress to the lowest security risk level, where they could earn more credits.

A spokesman for Suzio says a Jan. 24 shooting in Hamden raised new questions about the program because the suspect received credits in prison for a previous offense.