“Where’s the fairness?” Sen. Fasano Reacts to Gov. Malloy’s State of the State on Ray Dunaway

February 9, 2018

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Senator Fasano reacts to Gov. Malloy’s 2018 State of State Address in which he calls for making Connecticut a more “fair” place to live and work, but makes no mention of the state’s economy and finances.

From the interview: “He talks about fairness.  Where’s the fairness that we’re the highest taxed state?  Where’s the fairness that we’ve got more debt than any state other than Illinois?  Where’s the fairness that businesses are moving out?  Where’s the fairness that he wants to raise gas taxes?  Where’s the fairness in how every New England state has a better economy than we do?  Where’s the fairness that we are just trying to keep our businesses surviving in this state? Fairness is a great tag word…but the question is, where has the fairness been to the taxpayers?”