Senator Martin Calls Governor’s Speech a Distraction from the Real Issues Facing Connecticut

February 8, 2018

State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) today said Governor Malloy’s speech today was nothing more than a distraction from the real issues facing Connecticut.

“Governor Malloy’s frequently referred to Washington and issues affecting our nation as a whole, but had little to say about the very issues facing Connecticut,” Sen. Martin said. “We are facing a budget deficit, serious problems with our infrastructure, and an economy that still has not recovered from the recession of nearly a decade ago. Not once did he talk about the budget and all the taxes he plans to impose. Where were those issues in the Governor’s speech?”

Sen. Martin said that while he and his colleagues may agree with some of the ideals the Governor spoke about, the speech failed to provide a realistic plan to achieve the fairness the Governor talked about in such lofty terms. In fact, the Governor’s call to take care of the state’s most vulnerable was a strong contrast to the tax and spending cut proposal he outlined on Monday when called for cuts to the Medicare Savings Plan.

“Barely a week ago, my colleagues and I overwhelmingly voted to override the Governor’s veto and restore funding to the Medicare Savings Plan. Without that funding, more than 100,000 low-income seniors and disabled residents would have been removed from a program that helps them pay for co-pays and premiums not covered by Medicare,” Sen. Martin said. “Governor Malloy’s words don’t match his actions. Monday he proposes once again to leave those vulnerable residents out in the cold. It seems they are not the ‘vulnerable’ residents he talked about caring for and being fair to on Wednesday.”

Sen. Martin said the pain on seniors living on a fixed income and the state’s low-income population is further compounded by the Governor’s call for taxing nonprescription drugs.

“Not only does the Governor want to cut the subsidies that help these residents afford their medical care, he wants to make their nonprescription drugs like aspirin, pain relievers, and over the counter acid reflux medications even more expensive,” he said. ‘How is this taking care of Connecticut’s most vulnerable?”

Among the Governor’s tax and spending cut proposals are:

  • Eliminating the property tax credit for seniors and taxpayers with dependents
  • Eliminating tax breaks on Social Security and pension income
  • Increasing the real estate conveyance tax
  • Increasing the gas, hotel, and restaurant taxes
  • A new tax on tires
  • New highway tolls throughout the state
  • Cuts to municipal aid
  • Rejecting the new Education Cost Sharing formula that provides aid to schools based on need, population, poverty and other factors

“Last session, the General Assembly began the difficult work of getting Connecticut’s fiscal house in order. We approved a constitutional cap on state spending. We approved a limit on bonding. We made decisions by keeping an eye on living within our means first and looking for revenue last,” Sen. Martin said. “Governor Malloy’s proposals show he hasn’t been paying attention to any of what we have been doing and what residents and businesses have been saying.  People and businesses in Connecticut have been hurting under the Governor’s policies and they need change. Instead, the Governor offers up the same unrealistic tax and spend policies that have marked his entire administration and brought Connecticut to the brink of financial disaster.”

Sen. Martin said he will continue pursuing policies that balance Connecticut’s budget, stabilize the state’s fiscal environment, and promote growth. He represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth and Thomaston.