“I have good news to share.”

February 1, 2018

I have good news to share.

On Wednesday, the legislature convened to overturn Gov. Malloy’s veto of a bill that restores funding for a program that helps more than 100,000 seniors and disabled residents pay for Medicare-related expenses and stay in their homes.

Think about that.

  •  It’s a basic need.Funding for seniors and the disabled.
  • Funding to help them stay at home.
  • Funding to help them stay independent.

You see, Gov. Malloy has executive authority, but he does not have legislative authority.

He cannot just ignore part of the budget the legislature passed.

  • The governor’s actions were harsh and uncaring toward seniors.
  • The governor’s actions were hostile toward disabled residents.
  • This demanded an immediate response from the legislature.

We have done what is right for Connecticut seniors and disabled residents.

Thank YOU for speaking out on this important issue.

Your voices matter and your voices are being heard!