Fasano Statement on Governor Malloy’s State of the State Address

February 8, 2018

HARTFORDSenate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s final State of the State Address delivered today.

“Governor Malloy’s speech was clearly a reflection of his anger with Washington, but it was short on details when it comes to moving Connecticut forward. The governor used a lot of rhetoric about fairness. Yet earlier this week, we saw a budget from Gov. Malloy that was anything but fair to Connecticut residents. In the face of the economic problems that proliferated under his administration, the governor wants to tax low income families more, cut services and health care support for the elderly and disabled, and add more burdens onto residents and job creators. His words don’t match his actions. Today he talked about creating a fair shot at a good life for all people; but the reality is his budget does not offer that opportunity. Certainly some of the broad items mentioned by the governor have bipartisan support, but the overall purpose of his speech was not to offer an implementable plan for progress. It was rhetoric and big promises that played on the discontent with Washington, instead of focusing on Connecticut. In a short legislative session, as the state faces continuing budgetary issues and economic stasis, we have to be laser focused on solutions for our state and its residents. Politics should not be used as a distraction.”