Senator Linares Votes to Restore Medicare Thresholds for Seniors, Disabled

January 10, 2018

State Senator Art Linares (R-33) today joined his Republican and Democrat colleagues to restore income eligibility levels for Medicare.  The bipartisan legislation also restored funding for the state’s Medicare Savings Program (MSP), which helps low-income seniors and the disabled pay for health care coverage.

“I am proud to say that this legislation is a truly bipartisan effort to address the health care needs of our state’s seniors and disabled. I believe this is the way we should address the budget challenges we will face in the coming session,” Sen. Linares said.

The legislation passed in the House and Senate reinstates Medicare income eligibility limits to 2017 levels. It also restores MSP funding for the more than 100,000 seniors and disabled residents who would have lost the health care assistance under the recently approved bipartisan state budget. Legislators learned about the vast impact the changes would have after the budget passed.

Sen. Linares said he hopes the measure’s overwhelming approval by the legislature will discourage Governor Malloy from following through on his promised veto.

“I hope the Governor will follow the General Assembly’s example and work with us on issues in the coming session,” Sen. Linares said.

Sen. Linares represents the communities of Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland and Westbrook