Sen. Formica Participates in Youth at the Capitol Day

January 19, 2018


State Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) participated in the 7th annual Youth at the Capitol Day Forum hosted by Connecticut Voices for Children on Tuesday, January 16.

Youth at the Capitol Day brings together current and former foster youth advocates, Department of Children and Families representatives, and policymakers. Discussions focus on issues experienced by youth in foster care including transitioning between foster homes, group homes, and other residential placements.

“The children and young adults who spoke out about their experiences in foster care demonstrated a great deal of strength and bravery in sharing their stories,” said Sen. Formica. “I hope they can find peace and healing by speaking out, and I hope their stories will be able to help others. It’s difficult to legislate a system that is so dependent on love and emotion to be successful. But conversations like these are an important step to informing the legislature about the policies that need our attention so we can improve the system.”

Sen. Formica (pictured in the attached) was a featured speaker at the “Legislative Champions Respond” panel alongside State Senator Len Suzio (R-Meriden), co-chair of the Children’s Committee. Sen. Formica asked questions of current and former foster youth and advocates regarding their opinions about the adequacy of foster parent training and community supports. He also discussed the legislature’s efforts to review recommendations on how to improve the system, such as notification time between transfers and reporting procedures and resources for children when they need questions answered and social workers cannot be reached.