Good news for seniors from the CT State Capitol!

January 10, 2018

Sen. Tony Hwang updating Seniors on MSP Eligibility in Newtown


Good news for seniors from the CT State Capitol:

Your voices were heard!

On Jan. 8, state lawmakers passed a bipartisan plan to restore funding for the Medicare Savings Program.

We are doing what is right for seniors throughout Connecticut

This bipartisan plan restores funding for Medicaid coverage to tens of thousands of low-income seniors.

It restores funding for Medicaid coverage to disabled people on Medicare.

This action will provide predictability and stability while giving peace of mind to Connecticut seniors and our most vulnerable residents.

Listen to my radio interview on WICC – AM 600 [cincopa AALACJOr5FIt]


Watch my video from the General Assembly here:

I will continue to advocate for policies and organizations in Hartford and our communities which protect seniors, the disabled, our children and our vulnerable and at-risk populations.

At the same time, I will work tirelessly with Democrats and Republicans state and federal legislators in a bipartisan manner to address the state’s budget deficit.

We will work to create a Connecticut ecosystem that is predictable, sustainable and transparent.

We must stay vigilant about our state finances and pension liabilities.

I will make the tough choices and control state government spending in a responsible way.

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