Fasano Statement Regarding Gov. Malloy’s False “Speculations” Memo

December 29, 2017

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to a memo from OPM Secretary Barnes released to the press today that speculates about what changes OPM heard rumors of the legislature implementing to restore funding for the Medicare Savings Program.

“The administration’s memo is a lot of words from someone who is desperately trying to be relevant. Secretary Barnes’ ‘speculations’ are false. The bipartisan agreement to restore funding for the Medicare Savings Program does not rely on any overtime savings. With regards to other expenses, the bipartisan agreement only asks the governor to achieve 61 percent of what the governor himself already agreed to in a previous budget proposal he negotiated: the Democrat Senate Amendment A. Legislative leaders are committed to restoring funding for the Medicare Savings Program the first week of January. I thank my colleagues in the legislature for working together to negotiate a plan to restore this funding, despite the governor’s constant attempts to derail our efforts. The governor’s administration has led our state into a financial disaster that will take years to recover from. Frankly, the last person I would take suggestions from at this point is Gov. Malloy and his administration. They have failed to keep businesses here, failed to protect our economy, failed our state’s transportation needs and failed to create any kind of stability for Connecticut. The governor and his administration need to sit back and let lawmakers do the driving.”