Fasano Statement Regarding Comptroller’s State Budget Deficit Projection

December 1, 2017

HarfordSenate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to Comptroller Kevin Lembo’s state budget deficit projection.

“I want to thank Comptroller Lembo for his work to provide these projections. While we may disagree about the size of the shortfall, it’s clear that any budget, including the one Gov. Malloy negotiated, would be in deficit today. Since Gov. Malloy’s budget also did not include adjudicated claims, his plans would also be facing the same issues he is saying impact the legislature’s budget. For years we have seen damaging financial policies destroy our state’s economy. As we expected, even the passage of a historic bipartisan budget with significant structural changes is not yet enough to immediately right the ship. As Gov. Malloy now begins to build his own deficit mitigation plan, I caution him to remember how his past policies have failed our state. I also hope that he remembers the importance of protecting the core functions of government, and that he avoids making decisions out of spite if he wants to gain support for his proposals in the legislature. It is my hope that lawmakers remain committed to working together to address the continuing challenges our state faces. While our bipartisan budget remains an important first step to change the direction of our state, it is sad that the policies of the last seven years continue to pull our state down.”