Bipartisan agreement will restore funding to Medicare Savings Program

December 14, 2017

Our legislative leaders reached a bipartisan agreement on changes to the state budget that will restore full funding for the Medicare Savings Program for fiscal year 2018. Those eligible for Medicare assistance this year will receive help from the state next year.

I believe it is important to act as quickly as possible to restore funding for the Medicare Savings Program to assist 113,000 low income senior citizens and disabled patients.

It would be easy for Gov. Malloy could to call the legislature into special session immediately to make this happen.

But Gov. Malloy indicated that he has no intention to do that.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

To move this forward, I joined my fellow legislators signing a petition so the Secretary of State can call the legistlature into session to vote on this fix as soon as possible.

I will keep you updated as things develop.

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