Fasano Statement in Response to Looney, Duff Press Conference

November 21, 2017

Hartford – Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to a press conference held today by Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) and Senator Bob Duff (D-Norwalk).

“Instead of focusing on Washington, which they have absolutely no control over, I wish Sen. Looney and Sen. Duff would focus their full efforts on the financial problems here at home. Governor Malloy has made significant cuts to municipalities, education, juvenile justice programs and core services. If my Democrat colleagues believe that we need to stop budget policies that hurt people, they should be talking first and foremost about how we are going to stop the governor’s most recent manipulation of the state budget, not about something they have no ability to change. I look forward to the leaders’ meeting scheduled for next week, and I hope to see both Sens. Looney and Duff stand with Republicans and commit to going in to session to undo Gov. Malloy’s painful cuts. While today we heard a lot of rhetoric about an issue state lawmakers have zero influence over, I wish we had seen the same level of outrage and call for action when it comes to policies we actually can control. Instead of distracting from Connecticut issues with Washington partisan politics, state legislative leaders should be working on policy solutions to the problems here at home.”