Fasano: Governor Uses “Malloy Math” to Trigger Deficit Mitigation

November 20, 2017

Hartford Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Gov. Malloy’s state budget deficit projection. Gov. Malloy’s projected deficit improperly reports shortfalls related to Juan F. compliance funds and adjudicated claims, which were not included in the Democrat budget Gov. Malloy negotiated earlier this year.

“I’m disappointed to see Gov. Malloy purposefully inflate the budget deficit projection. There’s no question that the state has a budget deficit, which I’ve previously stated we should be addressing. I would have hoped Gov. Malloy would have been honest about the size of that deficit and focus on starting a conversation with lawmakers about how we can address these shortfalls together. But instead of talking, the governor is having a temper tantrum.  He is releasing artificially high numbers to trigger the need for a formal deficit mitigation plan, a process that gives him the power to issue his own plan for the budget and make himself relevant. It’s disturbing that Gov. Malloy would purposefully make the state’s finances look worse than they actually are just so he can have a say in how we close the budget shortfall. That may be in his best interest, but it certainly isn’t in the state’s best interest.

“I believe the legislature should work together to quickly resolve any sizable deficit once confirmed, and I believe fellow leaders will also support needed safeguards to ensure the intent of any mitigation plan is fully followed. We cannot let a deficit go unaddressed and I know my fellow leaders from both sides of the aisle are committed to working together to find solutions that prioritize and protect the core functions of government. The governor forcing a formal deficit mitigation process by releasing disingenuous and overstated numbers is not the way to solve the state’s problems. Cooperation, collaboration and compromise are the path to restore confidence in our state – not letting Gov. Malloy continue to call the shots. That hasn’t worked for the last seven years and it won’t work now.”