State Senator Craig Miner Supports the Compromise Budget

October 27, 2017

Hartford-State Senator Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) vice-Chair of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee voted for the bipartisan compromise budget, which passed the Senate on October 26th.

The compromise budget came about after weeks of negotiations between Republican and Democrat legislative leaders.

“This budget is what compromise looks like,” said Miner. “No one walked away with everything they asked for, but Republicans who have argued for fiscal restraint for years, achieved significant reforms.”

The compromise budget reforms binding arbitration, grants municipalities flexibility to reduce their budgets in line with reductions in state aid, and institutes a stronger spending cap—something Republicans have sought since the 1990s.

“Most importantly,” continued Miner, “This compromise budget avoids the cuts in municipal aid which would have resulted in automatic property tax increases had Governor Malloy been allowed to continue to administer the state by executive order.”