Senator Miner Participates in Connecticut Lakes Forum

October 18, 2017

On Saturday October 14th State Senator Craig Miner, co-chair of the General Assembly’s Environment Committee, joined state Representative Melissa Ziobron to participate in the Connecticut Lakes Forum. The event was sponsored by the Connecticut Federation of Lakes, an organization devoted to maintaining healthy, desirable natural resources. The forum was held at the Woodridge Lake Clubhouse in Goshen.

Miner and Ziobron took questions from the forum attendees regarding environmental legislation.

“The forum was a good opportunity to interact with people committed to preserving Connecticut’s natural heritage,” said Miner. “The budget crisis is affecting everything in the State, environmental issues included. But by working together, the members of the Environment Committee have come up with bipartisan solutions to problems related to diminished funds.”

Working closely with his colleagues across the aisle, Miner has authored the Park Passport plan, which will provide access and support to Connecticut State Parks.