(Listen) All this destruction is unnecessary!

October 17, 2017

Please listen to and share my interview with Vinnie Penn today on WELI-AM 960.

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According to Cheshire’s Town Manager, homeowners are now staring at property tax increases of $1,100 per year to make up for Gov. Malloy’s cuts to their town!

What will be the impact on your property taxes?

All this destruction is unnecessary!

The budget that passed with bipartisan support did not cut aid to our towns.

The governor vetoed it.

That budget can be reinstated if the Legislature overrides the Governor’s veto.

That budget can be amended anytime, so it can be the temporary vehicle to manage our finances while a broader consensus budget is developed.

We don’t need to destroy our cities and towns as Gov. Malloy is doing.

You can help!

  • Call the House Democrats during business hours at 860-240-8500.
  • Tell them to “Vote to override Governor Malloy’s veto.”
  • Call your town or city hall.
  • Ask your City or Town Council to pass a resolution urging your state senator and state representatives to vote to override Malloy’s veto.
  • Email me at [email protected] to tell me how your phone calls go.

Property taxpayers of Connecticut:

Don’t let Gov. Malloy destroy the finances of every single town in Connecticut!