Letting Malloy’s Budget Veto Stand Is ‘Reckless,’ North Haven Legislators Say

October 12, 2017

Written by State Sen. Len Fasano and State Rep. Dave Yaccarino

Our state needs a budget. And the truth is before us today we have one.

It is a budget that passed the legislature with bipartisan support in both chambers of the General Assembly.

It is a budget that not only avoids the governor’s draconian executive order that would hurt schools in most towns and cities, it is also a budget that creates stability for our state and its municipalities over the next two years, and for many years to come.

The other budget options on the table thus far would create massive pain for cities, towns, schools, children and taxpayers.

For example, here in North Haven, the governor’s executive order would slash $5 million in town aid in one year, potentially leading to teacher layoffs and drastic cuts in services for children.

The Democrat legislative leaders’ budget proposal, which does not have enough support to pass the legislature, would cut education funding in North Haven by $3 million and cut overall municipal aid to North Haven by a whopping $5.3 million over two years.

Unlike these two damaging options, the bipartisan budget that that passed the legislature would protect North Haven, increasing municipal aid by approximately $665,000 and education aid by $1.5 million.

While Gov. Malloy vetoed this budget, he does not have the final word. That is up to the legislature.

That’s why we are urging lawmakers to work together to override the governor’s veto should another bipartisan budget deal not be reached.

Our cities, towns, schools, and nonprofits need predictability and stability. We have a budget today that preserves core services, that protects municipal aid, and that restores and increases education funding. To allow the governor’s veto to stand when this budget option is before us is reckless.

Lawmakers have to decide, if they are not going to override this veto, are they comfortable turning the keys over to Gov. Malloy to manage this state? Are they comfortable allowing our local teachers, students and taxpayers to suffer? Or do they want to set a new course for Connecticut? A new path is what this budget offers, and what we will continue to push for.

– Senator Len Fasano and Representative Dave Yaccarino