Taxation Without Representation!

September 14, 2017

Connecticut taxpayers:

Majority Democrats at the State Capitol have rendered you voiceless.

The Democrats at the State Capitol are going to approve more than a billion dollars-worth of tax hikes. (Again)

For example:

Those tax hikes include a new monthly tax on cell phonesa proposal which never received a public hearing.

What other items are buried in the budget that you had no opportunity to weigh in on?

I have no idea, because I have yet to even see a single page of the huge budget bill that I will be asked to vote on in a matter of hours.

That’s outrageous.

That’s disrespectful to you.

Call them in the morning.

Then call them next week.

And next month.

Ask them why they did this.

Show them that you do have a voice.

Light up the phones.