Don’t want lots of CT Democrat Tax Hikes? Call them right now.

September 15, 2017

Although we never did get to see the actual Democrat budget on Thursday, we did get a good preview of their planned tax and fee increases.

Not only does the amount threaten to break the record biggest tax increase in Connecticut history passed in 2011 in Dan Malloy’s first year, it may very well be a record-breaker in terms of the number of ways Democrats are raising taxes.

They are increasing taxes… and they are creating NEW taxes.

And they are transferring hundreds of millions of dollars of teacher pension fund liability to towns (effectively forcing local property tax increases).

It seems their strategy is to nickel and dime you, the Connecticut taxpayers.

It seems that they are hoping that by avoiding a big tax increase on a single item or two, and spreading out the billions of new taxes and increased taxes and fees on many items, opposition may be minimized.

Here is what I have identified so far.

Of course, until we actually see and read what could be a nearly 1000-page budget, we are getting only a peak at what their plan is.

But it is a preview of things to come.

  1. increase cigarette tax
  2. new tax on cell phones
  3. impose sales tax on non-prescription medicines
  4. reduce the property tax credit from $200 to $100
  5. restrict who is eligible for the property tax credit
  6. increase the hospital tax
  7. impose a new ridesharing tax
  8. establish a new state tax on seasonal and recreational homes
  9. start a new fee on auto trade-ins
  10. increase hotel tax
  11. start a new vehicle cost recovery fee
  12. increase filing fee for land recording
  13. increase tax on snuff
  14. increased fees on licenses and DMV permits
  15. shift normal cost of teacher retirement to cities and towns (again, effectively forcing local property taxes to increase)
  16. eliminate green building tax credit program
  17. increase fees for criminal history record checks
  18. reduce the earned income tax credit
  19. set aside $50 million for unnamed tax expenditures (i.e., eliminate or reduce certain unnamed tax deductions or credits)
  20. tax daily fantasy sports contests
  21. increase annual fee with secretary of state
  22. increase broker fees
  23. establish a transit authority with power to mandate tolls and a CT mileage tax (the tolls and taxes associated with this yet to be established transit authority are not in the revenue projections for the biennium, but the transit authority has been floated in Malloy’s budget)

Are you sick of being nickel and dimed?

Tired of the disrespect?

Call them in the morning.

Ask them why they are doing this.

  • House Democrats at 860 240-8500.
  • Senate Democrats at 860 240-8600.
  • Gov. Malloy at 860 566-4840.

Show them that you do have a voice.

Light up the phones.