Bipartisan Approved Budget Fully Funds Local Education

September 27, 2017

In less than a week, local schools and municipalities are scheduled to receive funding from the state. Without a state budget approved by the Governor, his executive order eliminates most, if not all funding schools and communities depend on receiving on October 1st.

This doesn’t have to happen. On September 15, a majority of legislators approved a state budget that fully and fairly funds local education and municipalities. No town will receive any less money in 2018 than it received in 2017.

Here’s how education in the 24th State Senatorial District is funded:




 $     9,922,375.00  $         9,922,375.00  $      10,431,917.00


 $  41,625,694.00  $      44,559,981.00  $      48,647,208.00

 New Fairfield

 $     5,145,284.00  $         5,145,284.00  $         5,345,907.00


 $        354,588.00  $            363,163.00  $            445,831.00

Stop the funding cuts. Tell Governor Malloy to sign the budget approved by the legislature. Contact him at [email protected] and at 860 566-4840.

We don’t have to let these cuts go into effect.