Union Agreement Not in the Best Interest of Connecticut

August 1, 2017

Last night, in a party line vote, the State Senate approved the proposed state employee concessions deal negotiated by Governor Malloy and the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC).

All eyes are on Connecticut right now. As Aetna looks to leave Hartford, as all three of Wall Street’s most respected credit rating agencies have downgraded Connecticut and as the General Assembly has failed to approve a state budget, our state continues to head down a dangerous fiscal path with a large amount of uncertainty.

This agreement continues to guarantee expensive benefits for at least the next decade and ties the hands of state leaders in the case of future deficits. The deal guarantees unsustainable benefits for state unions and will require future tax increases. This agreement is not in the best interest of the state of Connecticut, and it is disappointing that it was approved. We have a better way; Senate Republicans have offered hard-working Connecticut residents and businesses a balanced, line-by-line budget time and time again. This deal gives Connecticut residents fewer options when it comes to putting our state back on a path of sustainability and predictability, and makes it even more difficult for the General Assembly to pass a balanced budget.