“I am a 74 yr old mother of a man with ID/DD…”

August 18, 2017

(Please read and share the heartfelt story below and email me YOUR stories at [email protected] about how the state legislature’s failure to pass a budget has impacted YOU.  Sign the petition to “Pass a Budget” at http://ctsenrepublic.wpengine.com/2017/07/petition-tell-ct-lawmakers-to-pass-a-budget/#.WYyQjoKotjo – thank you!)

“I am a 74 yr old mother of a man with ID/DD.  He lives in an ARC group home and works in an ARC workday program. He spent 1 day already as a furlough day. His knowledge of the budget crisis and cuts to both his day and residential programs worries him. His reaction has caused some inappropriate behaviors to occur. Consistency is the most important factor in their lives and again their government fails all special needs. As a parent, guardian and registered voter I say DO YOUR JOB AND PASS A HUMANE BUDGET AND SOON. Before MORE AND MORE CITIZENS SUFFER. No more frivolous spending on art or fat contracts. Cut unnecessary spending and restore DDS with a humane budget.”