Zupkus, Logan Discuss 2017 Session and Budget with Bethany Residents

July 5, 2017


BETHANY- State Rep. Lezlye Zupkus and State Senator George Logan held a Town Hall Meeting in Bethany last week to provide residents with a post-session recap about the 2017 legislative session and the state’s never-ending fiscal crisis.

“I have never experienced a legislative session where so much time was wasted on political theater rather than addressing the major issues facing the state of Connecticut,” explained Rep. Zupkus. “Failing to pass a budget by the end-of-session was due in large part to the Speaker of the House calling legislation that he knew never would receive an up or down vote. Republicans were focused on passing a budget, but legislative Democrats decided to waste time and not address the fiscal crisis facing Connecticut. I will continue to stay focused on addressing our fiscal crisis and will work to pass budget that doesn’t raise taxes.”

“I thank area taxpayers for attending our meeting and staying active,” Sen. Logan said.  “Rep. Zupkus and I stand ready, willing and able to discuss and debate and vote on a sustainable, balanced, and line-by-line budget proposal.  We want to protect property taxpayers.  We want to protect our most vulnerable residents.  We work for you, and we stand ready to do our jobs and do what the people of Bethany elected us to do at the State Capitol.  I encourage taxpayers to remain vocal, to email me at [email protected] and to visit www.SenatorGeorgeLogan.com for State Capitol updates.  I look forward to future public meetings with taxpayers in Bethany as we try to steer Connecticut in a new direction.”

The lawmakers handed out the 2017 Major Public Acts report, which provides brief descriptions on a number of issues including legislation on opioid drugs, education, transportation and the state’s business climate, among others. Residents can read the full document by visiting www.cga.ct.gov/olr.

During the meeting, the lawmakers received an email notifying them that a budget vote would not take place before the end of the fiscal year June 30th. Rep. Zupkus and Sen. Logan explained that not passing a budget by the end of the fiscal year would result in the governor running the state through executive orders until a new biennial budget is approved.

Both lawmakers said that House and Senate Republican caucuses released their own budgets that were ready to be voted on but were rejected by the Democrats who control what bills get called.  A new budget deadline of July 18th was set by the Speaker of the House.

Residents who were unable to attend and would like to contact Rep. Zupkus and Sen. Logan can call their offices at 860-240-8700 or 800-842-1421.