(Watch) “The ones being hit.”

July 14, 2017

I hope you will watch and share the heartfelt comments expressed by MidState Arc CEO Pamela Fields in the News 8 story I have attached below.

She notes that because state lawmakers have failed to do their jobs and pass a budget, Gov. Malloy’s Executive Order has been “throwing all of the cuts on the most vulnerable population whether it’s a senior or person with intellectual disabilities– those are the ones being hit.”

I agree that it is unconscionable what is happening to Connecticut’s disabled residents as a result of the state legislature’s failure.

But there is an alternative.

The Connecticut Senate Republican budget protects services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Here’s the problem:

The Democratic Speaker of the House and the Democratic Senate President Pro Tempore must sign an Emergency Certification in order for a bill to be debated and voted upon in Special Session. Without those signatures, Republicans and I are blocked from even making the public argument in favor of our thoughtful budget solution.

I hope you will join me in telling legislative leaders that the Senate Republican budget is the right choice for Connecticut.

It has been vetted by the nonpartisan state budget office and it honors our moral obligation to take care of those most in need.

Read it in line-by-line detail at www.NewDirectionCT.com.

What can you do?

  • Call your state legislators.  (House Democrats: 860 240-8500)  (Senate Democrats: 860 240-8600)
  • Urge them to tell legislative leaders to “Sign the Emergency Certification”
  • Urge them to “Allow a debate on the Senate Republican Budget.”
  • Tell them, “If you don’t have a solution, you should not deny CT Republicans the right to argue in favor of their solutions.”
  • Send me your comments at [email protected].