Tell CT lawmakers to do their jobs.

July 12, 2017

(My op-ed in today’s Waterbury Republican-American is attached below.  Please share it with CT taxpayers and send me your comments at[email protected] – thank you!)

Tell lawmakers to do their jobs

By Sen. George S. Logan

“It’s currently without a budget for the new biennium, its credit rating has been downgraded once again, it’s losing major employees, and it’s having a difficult time coming up with new revenue. This should serve as yet another sign that the state needs real reform to fix structural issues in the tax code and budget.”

That observation came recently from Morgan Scarboro, a policy analyst at the Tax Foundation.

The “it” that Scarboro repeatedly refers to is a place we all know well: Connecticut.

Scarboro is not alone in recognizing that Connecticut’s ship of state is listing.

Uncertainty and instability reign.

We are in limbo.

With each passing day, our most vulnerable residents and working families are getting hurt.

We are budget-less, and that is shameful.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I have endorsed a plan that can steer Connecticut in the right direction again while protecting property taxpayers and our most at-risk populations.

This plan can make Connecticut a predictable place where jobs flourish, families prosper, and future generations can find opportunity.

I have joined with Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Leonard A. Fasano, of North Haven, in unveiling a sustainable way forward.

Our caucus has produced a line-by-line 2017-19 budget plan.

Every dollar is accounted for. There are no shell games or gimmicks.

Nonpartisan staffers at the Capitol have thoroughly vetted our product. It contains the “structural changes” referenced by Scarboro.

James M. Loree, CEO of New Britain-based Stanley Black and Decker, endorsed the Senate Republicans’ budget approach, saying: “It goes much further toward eliminating inappropriate practices related to public employee pensions and is less punitive to towns and municipalities.”

I want Mr. Loree and all leaders of small, medium and large businesses in Connecticut to know Senate Republicans appreciate their support. We stand ready, willing and able to vote on our plan. We encourage the private sector to continue to speak out.

Last November, I ran for the Senate with a pro-taxpayer, pro-business-growth message. I had never run for public office before and defeated a longtime Democratic incumbent, Joseph J. Crisco.

The voters sent me a clear message: “We need tax relief, not tax increases. Make structural reforms to how our money is spent. Connecticut’s current path is unsustainable.”

Message received.

Read our detailed budget plan at

In the meantime, I urge the people of Connecticut to pick up their phones, call their lawmakers and tell them to do their jobs.

–          Sen. George S. Logan, R-Ansonia ([email protected]), represents the 17th District municipalities of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany and Derby; and parts of Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge.