“Senator Boucher: What Are They Thinking?”

July 25, 2017

What are they thinking?

These state employee contract concessions do not close the large budget deficits the state is facing, nor are the generous benefits they provide anywhere near the level of benefits our municipal employees, teachers or private sector employees receive.

Approving this contract only continues the bad practices of the past and locks Connecticut into guaranteed employment, benefits, and salary increases until 2027. This leaves future governors and legislators few avenues to address eventual recessions and budget shortfalls. The only option will be large tax increases or more erosion of town and school support after this administration has left – making it someone else’s problem.

The contacts also provide more generous workplace benefits that will be paid for by taxpayers who haven’t been told the details of what the state is giving away. The “concessions” are only short-term and give way to even greater benefits in three years. Will the state be in a position to afford them? A vote in favor of the contracts is a vote to continue protecting state employee unions at the expense of Connecticut taxpayers.