Fasano to Democrat Leaders: Time to Work with CT Republicans on State Budget

July 20, 2017

Hartford Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding state budget negotiations.

“Hesitation is devastation when it comes to the state budget. The time has come for our Democrat colleagues to take us up on our offer of working together to improve the state of Connecticut. Every day that goes by with inaction on the state budget someone is suffering deeply. Senate Republicans have asked numerous times to be a part of negotiations and have made it clear that we will talk about anything and everything. Instead of taking us up on these offers, Democrats have been working together to try to craft a budget without Republicans in the room. But we have yet to see those closed door conversations yield any results.  Therefore, it is clearly time for Democrats to take up Republicans on our countless offers to work together to craft a comprehensive, bipartisan budget before the end of July.

“I still have heard nothing from Democrats regarding a vote on a budget taking place next week nor have I received any details of how they would propose altering the complete budget proposals that are on the table ready to be voted on. If Democrats are at an impasse, they need to invite Republicans in to work together. They need to recognize bipartisan conversation is the only way for a budget to get the needed support to pass this year. Connecticut Senate Republicans have done everything we can to share our ideas and show our willingness to talk about any and all issues. At some point in time, this inaction will in and of itself prohibit a bipartisan conversation from taking place.”