Fasano Clarifies: Senate Republican Labor Savings Proposal Includes More Savings than Governor in Short Term and Long Term

July 18, 2017

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Hartford Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following correcting statements made today suggesting the Senate Republican state employee labor savings proposal includes less savings than the proposed concessions agreement negotiated by Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC).

“I want to clarify and correct statements that were made today. The Senate Republican alternative labor savings proposal includes more savings than the governor’s concessions deal in both the short term and long term. Our proposal includes $836.9 million in labor savings in fiscal year 2018 and $1.08 billion in labor savings in year two. This is $340 million more in savings than the SEBAC negotiated union deal. In addition, the Senate Republican savings plan rolls out to significantly more savings in future years than the governor’s deal totaling billions.

“Our proposed labor savings are not an add on to the SEBAC deal. Rather, under our proposal the legislature would implement statutory changes to achieve some of the same savings proposed by the governor which could be achieved statutorily as well as additional identified savings. It does not require the SEBAC deal to be approved to achieve any of the savings we’ve identified as they could all be achieved legislatively.

“I want to be clear. Unlike other caucus proposals, our proposal does not seek to harm state employees. It does not reduce current wages or include any health or pension changes prior to 2022, at which time current contracts will have expired. Therefore, we are confident our proposal would pass legal scrutiny and any challenges individuals might attempt. It would create the stability our hard working state employees deserve and begin to put our state on a path where we are capable of tackling our unfunded liabilities so we can keep the promises we have made to past and present employees. Current state employee benefits far exceed the benefits of teachers, police officers, firefighters and private sector union workers. Our vision would put state employee benefits more in line with what all those other hardworking union employees receive today.  And all these changes could be made legislatively under current state law.”

“Now, lawmakers must hold a vote on the SEBAC deal as soon as possible. This should occur irrespective of Democrats having a budget to vote on or not. The sole question before us is whether or not the SEBAC deal as a standalone item is good for the state of Connecticut, and lawmakers need to answer that question before they build it into any budget. From what I see today, the labor deal is not an appropriate solution for our state’s financial crisis, which is why I will continue to advocate for our proposal which does not require the SEBAC deal be approved to achieve the savings we’ve identified as they could all be achieved through legislative action alone.”