Connecticut Taxpayers Cannot Afford the State Employee Concession Package

July 24, 2017

Last week, state union employees ratified a concessions package negotiated by Governor Malloy’s administration.

The legislature now has a responsibility to approve or reject two major items:

  1.     The pension and benefits deal that applies to all state union employees
  2.     More than 30 individual contracts we only just received on July 20

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I want to make sure the public is fully aware of what’s in all these contracts.

I’ve made them all available online so you can view them for yourself.

Before voting on these items, all lawmakers must now consider the question: Do these contracts and benefit changes move our state in a new direction?  I believe the answer to this is “No!”

I believe these contracts are fundamentally unfair when you consider that state employees salary, health care, and benefits are much greater than what workers receive in the private sector. While I appreciate the state workers and what they do for our state, the state must be solvent in order to pay these employees. The amount of money the state is spending on state employee wages, and to provide the level of benefits they receive just is not sustainable.

I think once you review the contracts you will agree with me. Connecticut is not in a position to fund state employee wages and benefits, while also keeping our obligation to provide services to the state’s must vulnerable population.

We need to vote against this agreement and take the action that will revive Connecticut’s economy.