(Watch) Something good happened at the State Capitol…thanks to YOU.

June 5, 2017

Good news!

My proposal to reform Connecticut’s notorious early prison release law has passed in the State Senate.

Senate Bill 885 would make those convicted of the following violent crimes ineligible for risk reduction earned credits in state prison:

  • First degree sex assault of forcible rape, sex with a victim under age 13 or a mentally incapacitated person or gang rape
  • First degree assault using a deadly weapon with intent to cause serious injury, disfiguration or amputation, or risks death to another through extreme indifference to human life
  • First degree assault of elderly, blind or disabled
  • First degree assault of a pregnant woman resulting in the loss of a baby

YOU spoke out and made this successful senate vote possible – thank you!

Call your State Representative today and urge passage of Senate Bill 884.

Please watch and share my video update and contact me at [email protected] .