(Watch) A State Capitol Update: The CT Mileage Tax

June 23, 2017

Will Gov. Malloy sign my bill proposal to de-fund the state taxpayer-funded study of a potential CT Mileage Tax?

He hasn’t yet!

  • You can call Gov. Malloy during business hours at 860-566-4840.
  • Please urge him to sign Sen. Suzio’s Bill #76 to de-fund the CT Mileage Tax Study!
  • Tell him you don’t ever want a By-The-Mile tax in CT and you don’t want a Big Brother-style GPS tracker put in your vehicles!

Please share this information, send me your comments at [email protected] and sign our “New Direction” petition at http://ctsenrepublic.wpengine.com/2017/06/51436/#.WU1PYIKotjo .

Thank you!